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The four modes

The four modes have their own characteristic sound as well as advantages and limitations. When you know and respect the rules for the different modes, many techniqual problems will be solved.

All use of the voice can be divided in these four modes:

- you can for example use this mode for quiet passages in rhythmical music. It has a soft character and no metal or edge in the sound. It can also be strong in classical music for women.
- you can for example use this in R’n’B. It has a restrained character and is a halfmetallic mode. Women use it in classical music in the middle part and the low part.
- you can for example use this in rock and heavy metal. The character is shouting and fullmetallic. Classical male singers use it for example in the low part.
- you can for example use this mode in soul music. The higher range the more screaming the character becomes. It is a fullmetallic mode and for example the classical male singers use it on their high C, if they want a lot of power.

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