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The Three Basic Principles

The three basic principles are the most basic to achieve a healthy singing- and speaking technique, and therefore the most important to get a hold of. When you observe them, you can reach all notes within the range of your voice. You will avoid hoarseness, you can make long phrases, and you will get clarity and power in your voice.

1. Support
Is about counteracting the erge of the diaphragm to let all the air out that you’ve inhaled. The diaphragm is a muscle which automatically breathe for us. But in singing you must be able to control the exhalation, meaning holding back the breath. You do this with the help of the muscle groups in the stomach, the back and the loin, which can keep the ribs outwards and the diaphragm down.
The cooperation between these muscles is called support.

2. Necessary Twang
Is about using a certain amount of twang on the notes to obtain a correct technique whatever mode, sound colour or effect you choose. The different shapes the epiglottis funnel can assume, affects the degree of the twang.

3. Pretuded jaw and tensions of the lips
Is about learning how to make the vowels with the tongue, so it decreases in the jaw and in the lips. You must see to that the lower jaw is always pulled inwards compared to the upper jaw

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