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About the coaching

A privatelesson is 45 min. You bring a song you wish to work on - maybe because it causes you trouble. I guide you in the techniques so you make the song sound as you want it to and at the same time you learn to sing it in a healthy way.
After the session you will have specific, concrete and simple exercises: Your own practiseprogram, so that you know how to practise.

I also do smaller or larger Master Classes currently after demand all over the world. Durance depending on wishes and demands. For example five singers for 4 hours (1 1/2 hours techniqual introduction and then a 1/2 an hour solo-coaching for each singer). The Master Class can be arranged with or without a pianist.

In Denmark the coaching is normally in Rehearsal in Copenhagen, but it can also be arranged at your place or in your country. Ask for what you don’t see.

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