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About Complete Vocal Technique

Complete Vocal Technique is a concrete and definite systeme. The method covers all sound and all styles - from classical to death metal.

When you have learned the basic principles, you avoid vocal problems in both speaking and singing voice.

You can create all sounds in a healthy way. And because Complete Vocal Technique don’t have any kinds of soundcolour ideals, they are all equal and permitted.

You can combine the techniques, also containing speech technique, so that you get exactly the sound and the artistic expression that you want. You only change what you wish to change. And keep what you are satisfied with.

It is very important that singing always feels comfortable.

The book Complete Vocal Technique (Cathrine Sadolin & Henrik Kjelin, Shout 2003), is today considered as the leading book. Doctors and speech therapists recommend it all over the world.

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